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Learn more about the people who make our convoys happen.

What is our Event Team?

RLC have hosted over 300 unique convoys which means our team knows exactly what they are doing & we have high levels of experience. CC stands for Convoy Control, which make sure people don’t get lost and know exactly where the convoy is going. They also help with regulating the convoy speed by making it a fun and relaxing drive, yet not too fast so people cannot keep up and as a result, our convoys run exceptionally. You will also see the media team stationed on the route, taking brilliant pictures that can be viewed after the event. So, why not give them a wave on the way past or even give it a try for yourself?

RLC Isn't Just About Driving

When we say you will find a place within RLC, we really mean it. Whether you simply want to stay low because you have a busy life by driving in a few convoys or maybe become a manager one day, RLC is always open for you. With many different roles including our CC & Media teams, you will never feel lost within our company.

No Experience? No Problem

Our managers are specially trained in both Media & CC. So, if you don’t have much experience then don’t worry. Whether you are already a member or not, you can apply to be on the event team to contribute to our ever growing convoys and if you get selected, we will train you. As a result, we have some of the most qualified people that help not only help RLC drivers feel welcome, but also make our convoys some of the best and more appreciated in the community.

We Are Forever Expanding

Each week we host 2 convoys, each one with it’s own unique taste. Monthly, we are expanding like never before within the trucking community and our convoys are greatly supported by many. This is because we provide the best quality but also allow people to enjoy themselves, which puts a smile on their faces. That’s why people feel so welcome at RLC, and you can feel the same.

So, what are you waiting for?

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