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Everything you need to know about the RLC family.

The History of RLC

RLC was first founded on the 21st of February 2018 as Marston’s Trucking Company by John but soon after was renamed to Red Line Cargo. We started small but now we have hosted more than 300 spectacular convoys which is a place where we always have fun and make people happy. As a result of this, we are now known for our greatly popular weekly convoys that we provide for the TMP community. We host an astonishing two convoys a week on Tuesday and Saturdays. On the other days, we participate in many convoys and events to support the greater community.

RLC Isn't Just A VTC

Even if the wide oceans separate us, the copper cables will keep us together. Unlike many other VTCs, RLC focuses on the community aspect of gaming by bringing people together from all over the world to have fun & as a result, people bond like never before. So, are you ready to join the RLC Family? It’s as easy as filling in our application form and joining our Discord server to be greeted by our drivers.

The Staff Team



Founder & Owner

A message from our founder & owner, Beau:

First of all I want to say that I never ever expected that RLC would become what it is today. In 2018, I started playing ETS2 again, but soon after I started driving again I felt very lonely again. I joined one public convoy and I really enjoyed it because I wasn’t alone. After that I started to host my own convoys and created a Discord server which I didn’t even knew what that was until my brother told me.

After hosting daily convoys with around 5 to 10 people participating more and more people stayed with me. I had a lot of fun with them and they with me. After a very short time the server and the convoys became bigger and bigger. A couple of months later, we reached more then 50 members on our Discord server and got more than 15 people participating in the convoys. Then there was one day where someone said: “Hey Beau, would you maybe be interested in starting your own VTC?” and I replied: “I don’t know? Do you guys really want that?” They all said yes, so I started a VTC, without any experience at all.

Since that day my life and the lives of the others have changed a lot. We have together created the best community and VTC there is today. It makes me very happy to see so many people being happy and that they have a smile on their faces. That’s why we all say: “RLC 4 Life” <3



Event Manager


Event Manager


Media & Brand Manager


Driver Manager

We Are Different

Unlike other VTCs, we don’t have strict activity rules. Instead of forcing members to do a certain amount of convoys, we allow our members to go to convoys that fit to their schedule. This way there is less pressure on our members and makes RLC a much more laid back and friendly community. This is why we have more than 100 members, and are one of the most accepted VTC in the community.

What do our drivers say?

"As one of the first members in the discord server, I have seen the VTC being born and how it's grown overtime. It has become a great community where you can make friends and play ETS, ATS or any other games with the people in the server. I hope I can stay here for many more years to come."
Joined 24/02/18
"Before I used to not play this game as much because my friends were interested in other types of games but the RLC family welcomed me as one of their own. Here I always have someone to play with. Amazing people are doing everything they can to help you and I'm having the greatest time with them."
Salad queen13
Joined 02/06/18
"I joined RLC and was accepted which meant I was the 2nd French member of RLC. It's not a simple VTC, if you're not in, you can't understand this amazing experience to be a driver and a member of the RLC family. RLC is a big family of brothers from all the world. Playing and driving with this family is magic, #RLC4LIFE."
Joined 16/11/18
"I joined RLC as my first VTC experience. When i saw RLC for the first time I thought it was a beautiful VTC. I'm from Italy but this is not a problem; In RLC, you are always welcome. With a lot of convoy and other games to play, I never feel alone in this amazing community that I can say is a big family"
Joined 07/05/19

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