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RLC officially closed on November 2nd 2021. Please join the Discord server for more information. 
This website has been archived for historical purposes and will be available here until October 24th 2022.

About Red Line Cargo

Red Line Cargo is one of the most famous and active VTCs within the TruckersMP community with members from all over the world. VTC stands for Virtual Trucking Company, which are in-game communities that drive together and host convoys on TruckersMP. Click below to get a more detailed look at who we are.

Convoys Hosted
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Our Convoys

RLC host two unique ETS convoys every week; This means, every week we have a new experience for you. So, why not come along and join us? Whether it is your first time, or your tenth, you are always welcome to join us!

What makes RLC different?

Unlike other VTCs, we don’t have strict activity rules. Instead of forcing members to do a certain amount of convoys, we allow our members to go to convoys that fit to their schedule. This way there is less pressure on our members and makes RLC a much more laid back and friendly community.

Outstanding Community

We are a very close community of drivers with each one having their own story to tell.

Frequent Convoys

RLC host two unique convoys every week so you will always be able to attend at least one.

Diverse Members

We have over 100 drivers from all over the world. From the US all the way to Egypt and in between.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join the other 100+ members today.
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